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teaches Long term, real happiness

Real happiness is a choice available in any circumstance or situation. It is an outcome or result of making self-interest choices, and creating more value in the world than we consume


teaches Family, real happiness

Long term, real happiness is more difficult in a family and must be discovered together.

Growth Process


Everything we do, we do for a reason, otherwise we wouldn’t do it. Without a desire for something to be different, we have no motivation to take action

Seek Truth

In our beliefs
In knowledge and understanding
Our thoughts and beliefs determine or drive our behavior. If our beliefs, knowledge and understanding are inaccurate or false, we will behave in accordance with what we know and believe and we will end up with outcomes that we don’t want (unhappiness). It is important that our knowledge and beliefs are based on truth or principles and as our behaviors align with truth, we will achieve the outcomes that we desire (happiness).

Practice and apply in our thoughts and behaviors

Assess and adjust or make permanent

Adjust what is not working & try again Make permanent what is working


Residential Care for Youth

Re-Creation Retreat

A residential treatment center for
Teen girls ages 13 – 17

Re-Creation Retreat is a less costly therapeutic boarding school (up to 50% less than most
such programs) offering girls a journey of
self-discovery and self-empowerment.

Life Quest Girls Academy

A private boarding school/Leadership
academy for teen girls ages 13 – 17

The Quest prepares teen girls with academic anxiety learning skills they can use the rest of their life, enhanced with a creative, artistic academic curriculum in an outdoor, fun envi-
ronment with hiking, skiing, mountain biking, triathlon, yoga and prayer.

A residential treatment center for teen boys ages 13 – 17

A short term wilderness program that will serve adolescent boys and girls

PBL In Home Services

Principle Based Parenting Programs Designed to help parents.

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PBL Live Conferences,

Seminars, Workshops, Group and Individual Coaching and Mentoring

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