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Get started on the path to real happiness

Understanding the choices we make, and the choices available to us is crucial to finding a path to real happiness in life. So often, we fail to find happiness becuase we are trapped by choices we make — some of which we don’t even recognise.

Our thoughts and beliefs determine or drive our behavior. If our beliefs, knowledge and understanding are inaccurate or false, we will behave in accordance with what we know and believe and we will end up with outcomes that we don’t want (unhappiness). It is important that our knowledge and beliefs are based on truth or principles and as our behaviors align with truth, we will achieve the outcomes that we desire (happiness).

This is why we offer our Principle Based Coaching to help you find the freedom and happiness you are seeking. By working one-on-one with our mentors and coaches, you will have a chance to examine your choices, your goals and where change is needed to move forward.

Gain the tools to make the change

In your coaching sessions, you will learn the tools you need to make change happen in your life.

Still need to know more? We offer a complimentary coaching session to help get you started. In this session we will help evaluate where you are in your journey and where you want to go.

PBL In Home Services

Principle Based Parenting Programs

Designed to help parents keep their son or
daughter in the home and avoid an out of home

6 month self directed program

  • Includes books, movies, written curriculum, activities and video
    instruction $1,298.00
  • 6 month program that includes all of the above and two live, one hour
    group webinar coaching sessions per month for a total of 12.
  • 6 month program that includes all of program 1 and two one hour live
    individual coaching sessions per month for a total of 12. $9,989.00

Start your Coaching Program!

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    Not ready for a full coaching program?

    Principle Based Living offers a variety of events and classes designed to help you take charge of your decisions and your life. Through these events, you will better understand your emotions and beliefs, as well as techniques and tools to bring about life change.