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Learn to Choose Happiness

Real happiness is a choice and can be chosen in any circumstance or situation It is an outcome or result of making self-interest choices and creating more value in the world than we consume.


Live Your Miraculous Life $297

A POWERFUL 1-day experiential event to help you learn about the importance of beliefs and emotions and give you the tools to break through limiting mental barriers and create new empowering beliefs. Ages 14 and up are welcome.


Living Your Miraculous Life $497

This is the second class in the AWAKEN series. An INCREDIBLE 2-day experiential event! You are welcome to attend AWAKE even if you have not previously attended AWAKEN. This class will discuss important ideas and lessons in regards to living your miraculous life. We will learn about emotional management, the power of beliefs, MONEY, personal power, and relationships. Ages 14 and up.


Help Others Live Their Miraculous Lives $697

The third class in the AWAKEN series. A EMPOWERING 3-day experiential event. This class builds upon the previous classes with more information about beliefs, emotions, taking charge of our lives and in turn helping others take charge of their lives. In this class you will learn and practice tools and techniques to help others AWAKEN and live their miraculous lives. Ages 14 and up.


Miraculous Children and Teens $47

For parents who are seeking opportunities to help them teach valuable lessons to their children in powerful ways. This is a 4-hour class that teaches about beliefs, emotions and how to chase away the ‘monsters in your head’. A fun class to empower children and teens alike. There is a class for children ages 6-12 and another class for children ages 13-17.

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    Looking to dig deeper?

    Principle Based Living offers coaching programs to help you dig deeper. Group and individual sessions, videos, books and more are all part of our self-directed programs. We also offer specific coaching opportunities to help parents work with troubled teens. Our specialized coaching will help you work to keep your son or daughter in the home and avoid placement.